Wednesday, May 21, 2008

keep him interested

Not bragging, but, I've never had a problem keeping a man's interest. Guess it just comes naturally for me. I'm an extremely sexaul, and naturally sensual with an erotic edge.

Living a healthy lifestyle is a must, if you expect to keep the men interested.

You have to start with the inside first. First and foremost, love yourself first.Be secure with whom you are.

A sexy fit body, Confidence and sex appeal, are the three most important qualities, that men look for first in a woman.

The outer you, should be pleasant to others. Always smiling, even when you are having a bad day.
Don't fall into the clique. You know, gossiping, and belitting others. Not lady like, and men do take notice of this.

A simple, carefree haistyle, with little or no make up, is preferred by most men.

Classy, sexy clothing, that outline your figure, (concentrate of the positve) rather than the typical, short and tight outfit, may get you a second look, but, only for the moment.

Have an open mind.
You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone, and venture into the unknown, in and out of the bedroom.
If you only frequent the same old bars, you are going to meet the same old guys. You have to broden your horizons, you never know whom you might meet,
As far as the bedroom, let go, step outside of your body, switch to slut mode. (no really) . Keep it sexy, but nasty.

Trust me, try the above suggestions, starting now. You'll thank me later.